KOMEL S.A. is a pioneer company specialized in electrical installations and automation with excellent expertise and specialized personnel. The company is engaged in projects to automate production units, lines and production processes. Automation concerns both in function, recording and processing of critical data. We undertake projects from the initial stage of study up till full operation, «turn-key solutions».

The main basis of the projects we undertake are:

Automation Systems for production units using PLC, touch screens, industrial institutions.

Surveillance and reporting of energy consumption in industrial units

Modernization of industrial cranes with PLC

Taking the studies and project management of automation projects, modernizing electrical nature of production units industry



The company operates since 1986 in the field of unit automation production projects, production lines and procedures.

We have great experience in such systems, as we have accomplished many complex projects in Greece and abroad. Our systems have been installed in many significant companies, such as industries of cement, metallurgy, food, railway, energy production and more.

Especially for the railway industry we have undertaken projects on I.S.A.P.( Athens–Piraeus Electric Railways) as subcontractors of Aktor-Mochlos for the regulating of signaling circuits (FTGS) of I.S.A.P. lines, as well as subcontractors of ALSTOM Transport for the upgrade of the communication network of all substations of the Athens Metro. This project, that we undertook as subcontractors of the main contractor ALSTOM Transport S.A., concerns the upgrade of the whole communication network of all substations of the Athens Metro, being in total 76, with the Control Center of Syntagma, and is part of the project  “the extension of  line 3 – Xaidari – Piraeus”.


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